Icy North Shore views

Images of swollen Gooseberry River, glowing Split Rock sunrises, and chiseled Tettegouche cliffs have filtered through Paul Sundberg’s lens for the past 35 years.

Especially stunning are his winter shots of the frosty shore.


Why we purchase land

While the Star Tribune's Jan. 12 story "DNR: Millions needed for land it already has" was accurate as far as it went, it was one-sided. It ignored large portions of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' report, which showed that the state's public lands are an economic engine that runs on a relatively modest investment. Nor is the funding gap as shocking or significant as the article implies, once you break it down.

Judy Erickson leaving Parks & Trails Council

If you have visited a new state park or biked on a expanded bike trail, you have Judy Erickson to thank.


Building a 21st Century park system

Walking along the Creek at Minneopa State Park outside of Mankato, you’ll see a beautiful two-tiered waterfalls roaring over the limestone cliffs  You’ll see fish swimming under the crashing water and sweethearts next to the pool, where a mother duck leads her young.

Courtland Nelson, Director of the Minnesota State Parks and Trails Division for the Department of Natural Resources, sees all these things, but he also sees a crumbling and unsafe Depression-era concrete bridge.


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